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gulen - 304 games

Game Player Score Date Could't Pass
Card image cap Hardware Hurl arinberk 39.600 19th Feb 2022 , 20:26 1yr 3mos 1w 2d 17h 54m
Card image cap Flippy Attack yuksel-ok77 5.000 11th Oct 2022 , 20:54 7mos 2w 3d 17h 26m 51s
Card image cap Flower power arinberk 12.740.000 18th Jul 2021 , 18:05 1yr 10mos 1w 3d 20h 15m
Card image cap Super Mario Rampage arinberk 3.415.000 29th Mar 2023 , 16:19 1mo 4w 2d 22h 1m 12s
Card image cap Pig Hang Turkish TV Series 2021 yuksel-ok77 275.000 4th Oct 2022 , 13:50 7mos 3w 4d 30m 25s
Card image cap B Snake yuksel-ok77 1.000 9th Oct 2022 , 20:54 7mos 2w 5d 17h 26m 26s
Card image cap Pipe dreams yuksel-ok77 309.000 9th Oct 2022 , 14:37 7mos 2w 5d 23h 43m 37s
Card image cap Eat My Mouse yuksel-ok77 14.000 9th Oct 2022 , 16:34 7mos 2w 5d 21h 46m 58s
Card image cap Zombie Horde arinberk 1.000.000 14th Mar 2023 , 20:42 2mos 2w 17h 38m 5s
Card image cap Jolly Mahjong burakcan76000 9.801.000 9th Dec 2018 , 12:26 4yrs 5mos 2w 6d 1h 54m