What makes browser flash games run faster?

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Robert Standley
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What makes browser flash games run faster?

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A friend of mine likes to play Candy Crush on Facebook as well as her phone. But she complains that Candy Crush runs faster on her phone than on her PC, which makes no sense to me because it's just a little flash game. I don't know a lot about her computer, except that it's an HP desktop bought at a box-big store sometime last year. She paid somewhere in the ballpark of $1000 for a computer+monitor bundle, so it wasn't the crappiest thing on the shelf. I'm sure it uses an integrated GPU.Is there anything I can easily/cheaply do to make the games run faster on her computer? I can't really imagine that the GPU is her bottleneck, because it's such a simple game. But then, how could her CPU be the bottleneck? But I don't think the hard drive is going to be a limiting factor, either. But how could the RAM bottleneck her?I just can't figure out what could possibly be stopping the game from running as fast as it does on her phone, because even with a low-mid grade CPU it should have WAY more capability than her phone.

Please help.

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic ... &t=1314211
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Re: What makes browser flash games run faster?

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Türkçe yardım cağrısı yapaydın keşke be dostum tarayıcı oyun falan diyon ama ne diyon anlamadım :))
Adminim acil yardım help diyo bi ilgilenirmisiniz acaba ? :))))

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